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CERS International is now CERS Lifecycle


CERS International has been providing solutions for electronic recycling over the past 15 years in the global market.

In the process of growth during third quarter 2020, CERS moved into a newer and larger capacity Head Office facility in London Ontario to scale up its processing capacity to meet increase e-waste and IT refurbishing volumes. CERS is also upgrading its certifications in R2. v3, RIOS, NAID, e-Stewards as part of its continuous improvement process to meet the environmental and security requirements of the global marketplace.

During this change, some of our larger customers indicated that CERS International was not sending the right message about our expertise, it was decided to rebrand to CERS Lifecycle, to encompass its enhanced services offerings.

“Time to evolve our brand to better let our customers know what are capabilities are, what we do and where we are going.”

Victor Parish, President.

The newly branded company has changed it name to CERS Lifecycle, with a website, a newly refreshed logo and expanded service offerings. CERS has now opened 9 locations throughout the United States with plans to expand overseas in a number of countries.

CERS Lifecycle offers ITAD Asset Disposition, Electronics recycling, Secure media destruction services and logistics through our processing, consolidating, sorting, product refurbishing, and de-manufacturing centers located throughout North America. Through its innovative logistics partner, it now extends its reach globally.

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Media Contact
Barbara Zacchi – Marketing Manager

Mobile Shredding Service

CERS Lifecycle Introduces the newest addition to its existing secure media destruction Services – on-site Mobile Hard Drive and other media shredding.

In the upcoming weeks, CERS will be adding more in-house and mobile shredding equipment to enhance its existing capabilities to add a greater layer of security for the destruction of its customers most sensitive and vital information.
CERS will be offering its customers on-site mobile shredding services for hard drives and other information containing devices.

For more information Call : (888) 935-2377

NAID Certificate

We understand that Secure Data Destruction is of crucial importance to companies who are having their IT asset recycled. As a result we have decided to join the NAID Association as a member to offer our clients a global industry standardized solution for their sanitization and destruction needs. Now we can assure our present and future customers that we have the certified procedures and processes that will fully meet their information security audits.

We are proud to announce that we are now a Member of the National Association for Information Destruction.

” NAID is a division of the non-profit trade association, the International Secure Information Governance and Management Association™ (i-SIGMA™) and was originally founded in 1994. NAID focuses on secure data destruction and advocates for a standard of best practices across governments and by service providers as well as product, equipment, and service suppliers globally. It also works to improve the sales efforts of approximately 2,000-member companies by providing tools for compliance with all known data protection regulations. The NAID AAA Certification Program, which is held by approximately 1,000 service providers on five continents, is now required in thousands of government and private service contracts.”

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